What Is Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes?

Abigail Hagwood

Posted on July 23 2015

What Is Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes?

What is your favorite pair of shoes? I never really knew I had a favorite pair until I came to college. I have dozens of pairs of shoes and I somehow found a way to bring each pair on a 4 hour journey across North Carolina to East Carolina University, and even better, I found a way to store them all in a very small amount of space. It took me until I arrived at ECU to finally realize which pair of shoes to deem worthy to be my favorite.

Each pair of shoes has a completely different purpose. Some are easy to slip on before rushing to class, some are for the most sophisticated of occasions, some are for date nights, and others are for the best days of fall in the South, Game Days!! Shoes may be bought because they are cute, comfortable, or affordable, but they are also bought on a whim, especially if you are like me and money burns a hole in your pocket. Shoes are an important key to defining a girl’s style. But, every southern girl needs shoes for Game Day!!

When I finally realized that I did indeed have a favorite pair of shoes, I was shocked to realize that they were not the pair that I wear the most, or the pair that I have had the longest, but they are the pair that I have taken big steps of my college life in. My favorite pair of shoes is the pair that I wore on move-in day, the first day of classes, the first Game Day, and the first day the sun had been out in Greenville, NC in over a week! My favorite pair of shoes are my Lillybee flats!! I realized that even though I may not wear them every day and they are definitely not my oldest pair of shoes, they have been the shoes that I chose to walk along side me through some of my biggest moments thus far in college.

I am noticed in my Lillybee flats. No matter where I go in them, someone asks me where I got my shoes or they comment on how cute they are. My favorite reaction, however, is when I am at a football game and all the little girls around me are pointing and talking about my shoes. They seem shy, just like I was, so they look away when they see that I noticed them, but no matter what, I know that my shoes made some kind of impression on them, and that image will always be in their minds, until they get a pair of their own.

My favorite shoes show others how proud I am to be a pirate. What do your favorite shoes say about you?

Go Pirates!!

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