Step out in Lillybee!

Mercedes Fabrizius

Posted on July 23 2015

Step out in Lillybee!

What is it like to step into a pair of Lillybee University flats?

One of those days when everything goes right. The last day of class before Christmas break. A playoff win for your home team. The best feeling in the world.

Being the star of the show, being the star of the team. You don't have to be an athlete to be the MVP.

Walking into the stadium in a pair of Lillybee flats cannot be beat. Comments being thrown at you from every direction. You are the star of your very own fashion show. You are the fashion guru of campus.

You don't have to say a word, the confidence a pair of Lilybee flats gives you says it all. Rock jeans, shorts, sweats, whatever, you are a fashionista!

Get used to hearing “Where'd you get those shoes?!”

Rock them to the parade, tailgate, game, dance, and everywhere in between! #bleedblue in your Lillybee flats and go Tigers!

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