End of the Semester, Lessons for a Lifetime

Lara Sedlock

Posted on July 23 2015

End of the Semester, Lessons for a Lifetime

The semester is finally coming to an end and I can say it has been nothing less than absolutely amazing! Being a campus ambassador for Lillybee is so much fun and it’s been the perfect opportunity to look even more stylish on campus. Living in a sorority house has definitely helped get the word out about these adorable flats, and I even have some girls that are my size come in and want to borrow them for the day. Of course I let them, that’s what sisters are for! (the perks of having 24 other closets to choose from)

Recently, I was wearing my sorority flats to an alumnae event that we hosted at our home and one dedicated alum was wearing the same ones so we started chatting about the shoes and ended up talking about her experience in sorority 40+ years ago. Other alums asked where they could purchase them because they still love to show off their letters even if they have been out of college for many years. The flats are a perfect conversation starter! I can’t wait for many more opportunities to show off my adorable flats in the upcoming year!

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