Campus Ambassador FAQs

What is required of me as a Campus Ambassadors?

Campus Ambassadors are expected to promote the Lillybee brands (i.e., Lillybee University and if applicable, Lillybee Greek) on their college campuses by attending events, hosting contests/giveaways, generating and sharing brand-related content on their social accounts (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and by creating blog posts for the Lillybee blog.


What is the main task of a Campus Ambassador?

Your main task is to increase Lillybee brand awareness, with a secondary goal of driving sales. As a Campus Ambassador, you are the face and voice of Lillybee at your school.  We hope you’ll have fun promoting the brand, while making money on your efforts.


How many hours a week should I allot to Campus Ambassador duties?

It is advised that Campus Ambassadors spend 3-5 hours a week on Campus Ambassador duties. This includes time spent posting to your social networks as well as attending relevant campus events.  Ultimately though, you are in control and decide how much time you want to invest in growing the Lillybee brand on your campus.


What if I have a big project coming up and I can't submit timely content?

Academics always come first. If you think you'll be out of the Campus Ambassador game for a longer period of time than a week or two, please send us an email letting us know your situation so we can discuss future plans.


How much can I earn & how will I get paid? How can online sales help me earn even more?

You decide! Match your efforts to your desired results. Ambassadors earn a direct commission on sales (full details are provided in your Campus Ambassador Welcome Packet). We will provide you with your very own sales code that you should share far and wide (even with friends at other schools since Lillybee is currently licensed with over 69 Universities and 19 sororities).


How do I go about promoting Lillybee online?

Please use your personal networks to promote Lillybee. When posting to social sites use the hashtag #lilllybeeu and also include our social handles use the appropriate “@” Lillybee tags (provided in the Campus Ambassador Welcome Packet). We will retweet your best posts, especially the ones with pictures! Speaking of pictures, while we love our products, we really want to see images of you, your campus, and what big games at home are like. We want pictures of you engaging with your fellow classmates and showing off your campus while of course looking fan-faring fantastic in your Lillybee products!


Does Lillybee monitor my content and social media posts?

We review posts only as they relate to Lillybee. We reserve the right to request that you take down posts related to Lillybee that do not comply with the Lillybee Style Guide. You will be provided this guide upon acceptance to the program.


What happens if someone forgets to input my Campus Ambassador code at the time of check out?

Due to how the commissions are calculated, we can only honor a sale at the time of purchase. Please be sure to explain to your customers that they must fill in your discount code in order for you to get sales commission. No sales will be credited after the item is purchased.


As a Campus Ambassador, do I receive a personal discount code for shopping on

We will give you products to use to promote Lillybee on your campus and therefore you will not need a personal discount code.


How should I handle large group requests for products such as shoes for an entire sorority chapter or the executive board of the student government association?

For requests such as this, please reach out to Charlie Palmer at  She will work with you to handle these larger requests.