Meet Kassie & Lisa

Designed for the gal who likes cheering on her favorite team as much as she likes adding shoes to her closet, Lillybee unites loyalties with lifestyle. Whether you’re heading to the game, your sorority house, or to your favorite fundraiser, our vibrant color combinations link style with significance.

Kassie Rempel, an admitted shoe-freak and born-and-bred Carolina fan, founded an e-commerce shoe boutique called SimplySoles, and sold it in 2012 to focus on her new passion – footwear for the Female Fashionista. While it’s true she “technically” created the line just so she’d look spiritedly stylish at the Dean Dome, she’s thrilled to expand the collection to teams nationwide (even to rivals she prefers not to name).

The line and label wouldn’t exist without the guardianship and stewardship of co-founder, Lisa Palmer. Bizarrely and serendipitously, Kassie and Lisa both separately founded companies called Lillybee. It was their love of their independent lines that first brought them together. After discussing it for several years, in 2012 they finally fused their knowledge, passion, and experience into one joint and single company not surprisingly called Lillybee.

While Kassie focuses on operations and development from her office in Washington DC, Lisa is the power behind Lillybee sales and the brand experience, which she spearheads from her office just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Separate in geography alone, their talents are perfect complements.

Together, along with the support of their outstanding North Carolina crew (where the BeeHive Warehouse is located), Lisa and Kassie are partners with a purpose. So says the dynamic duo, “Our goal is create a brand that unites loyalties with lifestyle, making what you wear a statement of not just how stylish you are, but also how true you are to your team (be it a school, corporation, non-profit, sorority house, etc.)."


Lillybee Greek was launched in Spring 2014.
With striped flats in sorority colors and removable shoe clips in greek letters, these shoes look as great at the chapter house as they do the library
(which we know you frequently visit).


Lillybee Pro is soon to launch.
Stay tuned for exciting information on what stadiums, arenas, and domes you’ll be spotting (and hopefully sporting) our Lillybee stripes.